Monday, January 31, 2011

Funny (In a Way)

I have wondered why, if I call 911, like with that drunk driver coming the wrong way right at me, on Pacific once awhile back, then with the shooting spree going on, a few weeks ago, why my call would get transferred around, and I"d have to say why I was calling two or three times.

I finally e-mailed the city, to see if they knew. My calls are first going to Corvallis I guess, or some other city's 911 center (could be another city in Linn). Then they are transferred to Linn County 911, then to Albany 911.

I joke that by the time you tell your story three times, the emergency is long over. The Albany police told the city seems to be more of a problem with trac fone in particular.

I don't know that they are first going to Corvallis or some other city.

It's funny, in a way.

If I had a life threatening emergency it would not be so funny.

I also tried to call once on the freeway, when behind a swerving impaired driver. That call got tranferred once or twice and ended up transferred to an ODOT road emergencies or obstacles message machine. Since then, I don't call on swerving impaired drivers. No point.

I've got a break in the cat transport I've been doing, which is good because my foot needs to heal. I did go get part of my stuff at the Crabtree colony. The cats had been fed this morning when I arrived to try to trap the one remaining female. I tried for awhile nonetheless and saw both her and the unfixed Blue Pt. male.

I gave up finally and told the woman, and she wanted to continue by feeding in the trap tied open so I said "great". I gave her some FCCO clinic fliers because she said there are lots of colonies in Crabtree. She said she'd post them around.

I also referred a Brownsville woman to the FCCO. It's too far for me to drive. I asked if she'd contacted Spay Inc. and she said she had a couple years ago and they had referred her to Safehaven's vouchers. I asked if she went and got some vouchers but she hadn't done that. I told her to try Spay Inc. again and also e=mailed her the information so she could register at the FCCO clinic. My guess is she won't. I hope she does, however.

I also taped an FCCO flier to the door of a woman's house whom I've helped before on Frye. She'd called about a friend of hers whose relative feeds strays on Scravel Hill. That would be the third family member I know of in that particular group who has fed cats but not fixed them. I hope they register for the clinic and get them in. The lady whose door I taped the flier onto used to volunteer for FCCO clinics so she knows the whole shebang on them and can let them know how it works.

I'd also been contacted by a woman in Lebanon whose neighbor feeds strays. I sent her the FCCO registration information and explained how they could get them fixed through them, and it's a great deal, given they get shots and all. Plus, I went on to tell her how I have to pay my own gas and flea treatment for the cats, so it's also a great deal for me, when people register for the FCCO clinics and get it done themselves. So I hope they do.

Taking a break is what I'm saying. Oh, I'll jump on Albany cats needing fixed, when I find them. I have only one on my list now waiting and that's because her owner is super busy. She also happens to be a relative of Slurpy, from the Rock Hill colony. The daughter of the caretaker had told me she gave one kitten away. It's so interesting that I run into the guy who adopted her. Actually it was his ex girlfriend or wife who adopted her, and then he ended up with her after the split. She's another torti, too, like Slurpy and so many of the others.

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