Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I've decided to give corporate begging a shot.

Street corner begging is ok, for the common bum, but I am more ambitious.

That's why I'm going to upscale begging and beg directly from big rich public corporations.

Wells Fargo, for instance. They already owe me. They stiffed me on that $100 for those bad vaccines. I have no qualms about begging from Wells Fargo.

Give me some suggestions for rich ass corporations I can beg off of.

I have things I need. I need piles of cat food bags. I need cases and cases of canned food. I need free gas by the tanker full, for transporting cats. I need caseloads of Advantage and roundwormer, that actually works (I got a refund on the thin as water pyrantel--my first bad product victory ever! It was a little company, of course, giving the refund. A big company would never do that).

Am I just a little jaded on big companies and their ethics?


So I will beg from them. I got to work out my protocol. Like how do I even find these big companies, in order to beg from them.

The protocol for corporate begging will take some time to work out.

Someone asked me the other day about my beliefs in god and all that hereafter stuff. I said "All I know is we know nothing at all."

That was a damn slippery answer, wasn't it? I was proud of that answer. I was uninterested in e-mail debate on anything.

Then I said, "But take comfort in how absolutely insignificant we all are in the vastness of space and time."

We got a messed up world here, where most of us behave like sheep and let the assholes manipulate everything to make money off us sheep. I don't want to be a wolf but I don't want to be a sheep either.

I want to be a cat, an independent natured sleep in the sun ignore the wolves and the sheep cat. Damn right. And I'm going to beg from corporations.

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