Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Goodbye Simba and Smolder

Simba and Smolder were adopted today by a future veterinarian, a vet student. Good luck, kids. What a kind and competent woman who took them home, will make a great vet no doubt.

I thought Dickens would be the first adopted of Sage's boys and that I would have trouble adopting out her black boys. Instead, now all three black boys, Shaggy, Simba and Smolder have gone to homes. Only Dickens and his mother Sage remain here waiting.

The old torti is still alive. Not sure how she is hanging in there. I had the vet student take a look. She's only second year but I thought maybe she'd know something or have some thoughts.

I'm really happy Smolder and Simba got a home together.

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