Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cell Phone Dead. Heatherdale Cat Still Alive.

The poor torti from Heatherdale made it through the night but is still for the most part comatose. Her pupils react to light. She moans slightly when I inject some fluids, although I do only small amounts at a time, once each hour. I do not think she will come out of it, but you never know and she had earned the chance to try.

I found this under CVA surgery anesthesia crash instructions: "Common complications after CPA include a second CPA, hypotension/hypovolemia, arrhythmias, respiratory insufficiency or failure (necessitating employment of therapeutic ventilation with oxygen), organ dysfunction (gastrointestinal, neurologic, renal, coagulation), and intensive management is warranted."

My cell phone is dead. I found it this morning in the pocket of my jeans, the ones I wore yesterday and threw into the washer last night, then turned the washer on. I was changing the washed clothes to the dryer when I heard a thunk against the dryer wall and pulled out my soggy jeans to check the pockets.

I have a landline, but the mobile phone unit I have in the living room is so lousy when I turn my head when talking it rings constantly. Sometimes the people on the other end of the line hear the constant ringing too. No clue on why it does that. It was brand new out of the box, a cheap V tech.

I have an old phone I use also, attached by age old spiraled phone line to its base, then anchored to the plug in, like a dinasuar chained. It barely works and will suddenly have the volume cut out to where I think I've lost the connection. Then I shake it and the volume of the person I am listening to on the other end, might return to normal. I have no long distance on my landline.

I was going to get up really early and return the four males to the campus colony, before traffic in that area became dangerous for this endeavor, but I overslept. Now I'm stuck with the six until tonight. I fed them, changed the trap paper and they seem fine.

The other Albany female will go back today. Poor girl, she's a tame stray too, tossed out by some asshole Albany resident and there are plenty of those. So many unwanteds around here, left behind like so much trash when someone moves, gotten in the first place on a whim, or because their illigitimate unbehaved spoiled rotten run the show little toddler wanted a kitten.

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