Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Crasher. One Cat May Not Return

Update: it's not the above cat who crashed. The above campus cat is a boy. It was the Heatherdale torti who turned out to be probably six or seven, and probably has put out litter after litter, until she's completely worn out, including her heart. She's pathetic right now, crying, eyes not reactive, back arches, legs stick out stiff, still not out of anesthesia. I held her crying softly against my chest for a couple of hours. Now she's in a big carrier by the couch on a heating pad. No change. I don't think she'll make it. She was dumped at Heatherdale within the last months. The news of her condition has some people real mad at cat dumpers at Heartherdale and at people who don't fix their pets and let a nice girl be worn to death breeding, then dump her like so much trash.It's this girl, who was pregnant yet again, who probably won't make it through the night. She has a heart murmur, and crashed under anesthesia, her lungs filling with fluid and has failed to come out of anesthesia.

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