Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Way of Life with High Power Costs

Nasty Pacific Power's rate hike plus all these cats to care for, on pretty much no income, has necessitated a new way of life for me, one that requires even more labor, but there's nothing I can do about it.

The future seems hopeless, in many ways, in that I know life will not get better for me. My income will never increase and costs will just go higher.

So, I now use a headlamp Kate gave me for Christmas, (thank you Kate) for lighting. It's cheap and easy. I just wear it always in the house now and I think I look snazzy. I feel a miner, a freak, a penny wise crazy cat lady! I take even fewer showers. I only wash in cold water and hang dry most of my things over doors. If a load is almost dry, I run a load of mostly dry clothes and towels.

I will look and smell dirtier to other people and I don't care because I have a huge power bill and I have to pay it and that means suffering at the knees of my master, the power company. I have too many of other people's cats here, paying myself for other their irresponsible behavior.

I hope to find Rainy a home as she is highly adoptable and cute!

I want to go off the grid. I will be studying up on solar power, and 12 volt appliances and trying to locate 12 volt appliances used (they're made for RV's already).

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