Saturday, January 01, 2011

Another Linn County Collector

Safehaven took in 21 dogs from a Sweet Home area collector whose son is a sheriff's deputy.

I had originally heard the dogs Safehaven had were brought up from California. I don't know why, but I'm glad the dogs are Linn County rather than California dogs.

The woman in the article who had the dogs claimed she rescued them. I don't believe that. Most were young and all the same breed. Yeah right lady, you rescued them.

They are small breed dogs and were made to live outside, were knotted in balls of fleas and feces.

Why is this so common here? I'm hoping it becomes uncommon here. I'm glad neighbors called the police about the plight of the dogs.

This woman sounds like a backyard breeder. Click post title to go to paper story on the dogs.

They're cute little dogs and my guess is they will get homes quickly. I don't necessarily believe the claim from Safehaven in the article that this would stretch their resources. They need groomed, which can be done in house, no cost. Flea treatment isn't that expensive for 21 little cat sized dogs. Shots, worming, spay neuter. Then they can charge $300 apiece for them.

Sure, it's a lot of hard work to get that done, but there are those of us cat people who have handled far bigger rescues completely alone.

I wish them luck in getting them cleaned up, fixed and adopted out quickly and am glad those dogs are in better hands now.

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