Friday, December 31, 2010

Seven Cats Fixed Today

Below are the six Scio cats fixed today. The second photo is the only one of the six I know the sex of for sure. She's a girl. Among the other five are four boys and another girl.

This is the Hill St. male fixed today.

Seven more cats were fixed today thanks to Poppa Inc. Six came from Scio, in a contact off craisglist. They caught their own cats, all but one male, who eluded capture.

I felt guilty delivering to the vet as I did. I picked them up on the way from the folks, but on the ride down with them or up with me, they peed/pooped their carriers. I had no newspaper or paper towels along to change out the paper and clean their cages before taking them in. So I felt bad about that. I don't like doing that to a clinic.

The seventh cat fixed today was a big male from Hill street and the brother of another big male fixed last week or the week before. I believe all cats are now fixed in that little pod of cats that included three big males, a female and her one male kitten. With those three major males fixed, that neighborhood should be quieter.

One street away, directly across from the back of this house, I had taken in to be fixed a stray female teenager some people found walking up the street. And directly behind that house on the next street, I helped an old woman catch three teen boys, born to a stray tame mother she had already taken to be fixed.

She had described a big tabby on white male hanging out and a big white male too. Well, those boys were two of the ones fixed in this last effort two blocks away. In all, I've helped catch or take in nine cats to be fixed from that small area.

Six were fixed using Poppa Inc. funds. The three teen boys the old woman feeds, she paid for those to be fixed out of her pocket, being close to 90, on a fixed income, and ultra responsible. The abandoned mother cat had showed up with her kittens only a few weeks before. That's an amazing and smart woman. After I showed her how to trap, she also did the trapping. Boy, puts most of the young people I meet to complete shame.

The cats today were five males and two females.

In other news, I called to see how Shaggy was doing, and he came down with a horrible cold the day after he went to his new home, today!! I am embarrassed, but he had no sign of it yesterday, no eye drainage, no sneezing, nothing. I suppose he was about to come down with it, and the stress of change really let it all out. I will watch his brothers especially and the others. So far so good.

The only one with any drainage currently is Miss Daisy, who has had eye drainage since her dental procedure and she is so darn hard to medicate. I have to trick her into looking up, then drip the drops into her eyes. Dex got over her cold. And nobody else here has even been sneezing. I better get the antibiotics ready!

I keep watching Rainy, Forest's sister, still confined to the bathroom, for any sign of a bloated belly. Probably I watch her too closely, feel her belly, eye her carefully and suspiciously.

I know they say FIP isn't contagious, but that it outbreaks far more in shelters where litterboxes are shared. That is the way it is spread, they say, the enteric corona virus that precedes FIP. I don't understand it.

Forest never shared a litterbox with anyone but Turbo for a short time, and Rainy and Zuli. I soak their litterbox in clorox once weekly for an hour. I soak all the litterboxes and scoops weekly in clorox water.

I also was advised once by a vet that spraying the bottoms of the litterboxes and the litter scoops with PAM will help keep poop from sticking and therefore not as likely to remain and contaminate litter with viruses and bacteria, once scooped so I do this now too.

Well, I hope I'm not about to have a huge cold outbreak again here. They get over them though, like kids.

Here are recent photos of some of the cats here.Starry, Nemo's sis.
Starr, Teddy's sis.

It's almost midnight and people are shooting off guns or firecrackers or both, scaring the cats. Whatever. This being Albany, people will probably celebrate by setting houses on fire. We have too many god damned arsonists in this town.

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