Saturday, January 01, 2011

Cat Stats for 2010

Cats Fixed 2010
Total Taken in, using Poppa Inc. funds as primary funding: 513
Total Linn County cats taken in: 386
Total Benton County cats taken in: 91
Total Marian county cats taken in: 16

Wasn't a banner year for cat fixing, but nonetheless, I got quite a few taken in, considering now I have to drive an hour one way to the clinic.

I did not include the 44 I trapped for the Gorge Group or other assists, only cats whose fixes were paid for using all or part Poppa Inc. funds. I did not include in these stats the cats I took to two FCCO clinics or were done by the Neuterscooter either, as I paid donations on those cats myself. I'll get those numbers too, although they were low, since my money situation has gone downhill as well. These are only Poppa Inc. fix stats, which is impressive enough, given the cost to fix cats at the clinic we primarily use is $43 per male and $59 per female, regardless of reproductive status.

I'll have more stats as to male female ratio, feral tame ratio and how many of these myself and Poppa ended taking in to rehome, later on. I also have the numbers broken down by city.

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