Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wikileaks and the Light of Day

The embarrassment of truth is going to get Wikileaks CEO quartered and hung. The leaks of diplomatic cables recently has got the world after him. Interpol has issued a warrant for his arrest. Sarah Palin, the self-appointed world leader, has suggested Wikileaks be declared a terrorist organization.

And yet, his leaks of how people really feel about their fellows in other countries and fear about other countries, could do some good. Why are we so afraid of the truth and speaking it?

The world has long lived in the darkness created by governments and businesses saying one thing and doing another.

Is it bad to open the windows to the light of day?

Sure, there is bad stuff divulged in the leaked cables about the US and its tactics and lies. But there are also the cables revealing much of the Arab world privately condemns Iran's behavior. For gosh sakes, instead of letting the US be alone in condemning Iran, get some fricking balls, Arab countries, to go public with your concerns. Fricking cowards.

Same with China's divulged private disgust with N. Korea. Grow a couple, China!

If Iran and N. Korea understand the whole world wants to vomit over their behavior, not just America, there is good in that. It is primarily cowards and liars screaming over wikileaks, and those people, businesses and countries with things to hide.

The little private insults revealed, this person saying something derogatory about that person, that's no big deal. That happens.

I'm sure I must not fully understand the significance of truth being told, that it must really be very bad for the whole world. I must be too simple to understand.

Here is my general gist of the results of Wikileaks document dumps: the world governments and leaders and diplomats and big businesses now seem to me like one giant middle school, complete with rumors, bullying, cliques, lies, threats, insults, and drama.

The world is a middle school.

Wow. That's scarier than a nuclear arms race.

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