Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Photos of Cats Fixed Today

14 Cats were fixed Tuesday, using Poppa Inc. Funds. 10 of the 14 were females.

8 cats from one Tangent household were fixed. Of these, four were boys and four were girls and they included one kitten, just two pounds in weight, but very healthy.

4 Knox Butte females were fixed Tuesday also.

Two Stayton trailer park Siamese females were fixed also, rounding out the 14.

Once home this evening, I did try to run a small empty load in my washer, only to have the floor flood immediately. Washer is kaput, and it is not easy to have this many cats and no working washer. It is not the washer water level switch. That works. There has to be a filter on the pump. Maybe, once located and cleaned, that would do it? Well, that's for a better rested time.

Knox Butte brown tabby teen female one, fixed on Tuesday.
Brown tabby teen female two, fixed Tuesday.
Knox Butte black adult female, fixed on Tuesday. Not shown, of the four Knox Butte females fixed, a tabby on white adult female, the one dumped in a box in a ditch along a road, with her kittens. She too was fixed today.
Tangent female Suzy, spayed Tuesday.
Tangent Gray tabby kitty, Aurora, spayed Tuesday.

Buff male named Princess, neutered Tuesday. He seems to have no issues from his name.
Tangent long hair brown tabby male, neutered Tuesday.
Tangent Black and white female, Dex, fixed Tuesday.
Tangent Black and white male, Niko, neutered Tuesday.

Long hair Tangent Lynx Pt. Siamese female, spayed Tuesday.
Black tux male kitten Charlie, neutered Tuesday, also from Tangent.
One of the two Stayton trailer park Lynx Pt. Siamese females, fixed on Tuesday.

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