Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Comcast Again Upping Rates

I'm not a big comcast fan. I have limited basic cable and internet, a yearly renewed birthday present from one brother. I am lucky for that.

But lately, about twice weekly, the Portland TV stations break up into interesting digitalized unwatchable bits and pieces--scrambled pixels.

And my computer, whether it is the computer or the connection, I don't know, is slower than molasses. It's so slow it can take sometimes a minute after clicking a link or trying to get to a website for the page to actually show up. So, now, I do no web surfing and limit my internet to this blog, my cat adoption website and trying to answer any e-mails I get on cat adoptions, which lately are none.

I wish I knew what was wrong with the computer, if it is the PC itself or the connection. I wouldn't know how to tell. All I know is it is so slow it's painful.

I want to blame Comcast but I can't because I don't know if it is them or the PC. It is frustrating.

The computer/electronic age is expensive on upkeep and high on maintenance and frustation. Then Comcast marches along and makes costs even higher, because they can. Because they're virtually the only game in town.

I dream of disconnecting everything. Would I miss much really? I couldn't connect to find cats that need fixed, but that's about it. I haven't had any luck finding homes lately using every avenue I can muster that doesn't cost that is.

That darn tracfone is expensive. My cell number is now getting out and I don't want it out because I can't afford to buy minutes all the time. I don't have a voice mailbox on it to save on minutes. People complain about that and that's too bad.

I finally got a mobile landline phone. But it's terrible. I can't talk on it, because if I turn my head while talking I hear ringing, like a phone ringing, constantly. The person on the other end of the line does not hear it. I try to ignore it, but last night I tossed the phone in the garbage because it is garbage and that's where it belongs. It's picking up RF from everything. Bad bad lousy cheap crap V tech phone. The problem also has something to do with my bad phoneline.

I'm going back to smoke signals or maybe some passenger pigeons. Maybe cats can be the new messengers. They're good at jumping fences and skirting most barriers. Course they're not very reliable.

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