Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tornado Hits Aumsville

Aumsville got a tornado touch down today. Heavy damage has been initially reported, however it only recently happened. I was driving to Corvallis to pick up a cat at the seed warehouse south of Corvallis and nearly pulled over, the sky looked so strange and ominous.

I've watched stormchasers for a few years now and have seen these skies on that show. I began to wonder what I would do if I were driving and a tornado formed. I thought, "Best to pull over and get into a culvert under the highway." But no tornado appeared and I soon forgot my worry over it and that sky.

But when I got back home I found out a tornado did touch down just east of Salem and that there was heavy hail on I5 south of Salem clear past Albany and down to Brownsville.

It's the luck of the draw on who gets hit with a tornado. I hope no more are in the offing.

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