Sunday, December 12, 2010

Busy Day

My finger is bleeding. I just cut it, not paying attention when I was using scissors. I could not believe it. Then I became impressed that finally I had scissors that were actually sharp enough to cut anything. You gotta make lemonade out of lemons, I hear.

I showed my bleeding cut finger to my cats, going "Ow! I cut my finger. See?" But they did not react.

This was after impulsively looking up an address for an Albany detective and e-mailing him about seeing a guy peeking into an empty house. HOwever, the catch is, on my big tip, that it was in broad daylight on a busy street during rush hour. So, I don't think even an arsonist would be that stupid. Nonetheless, greed is getting to me. I want that $5k reward! Sure would help buy cat food and flea treatment.

And fix a nice number of cats.

I got an instant reply back, that he was out of the office until December 1. I looked down, furrowed my brow, and thought "Isn't it way past December 1?" Guess I won't be getting that $5k reward even if that was the arsonist.

I did projects today. I was going to get rid of one dresser, the old one, with the collapsing legs. I don't need empty dressers sitting around, just because the cats use them to jump onto then onto somewhere else.

But then, after I removed the drawers, the cats immediately crawled into the space left and I thought, "I'll just make it into a cat hidey bed. So, I removed the hardware, the drawer runners, left in it after I took out the drawers. But what was left between the drawers was a board so thin it was like cardboard. Reinforcement necessary. I used a couple old boards that fit, then knocked apart three of the drawers and used that wood as supports too.

I made the other six drawers into cat beds.
Miss Daisy totally approves of the reformatted dresser.

The project took half the day. I was also washing all the cat bedding from the upper bunk and from the top of the exclusion room and from the spare bedroom. I also Lym Sulphur dipped the three Lebanon kittens and Zuli the Siamese. Their ringworm is proving hard to get rid of, although only Rainy and Zuli have any signs of it left. And it may be dead spots.

Forest is more than weighty enough for spay, but I don't want to get her done if there is any chance she has any spores left on her. She doesn't appear to have any, but I'll let her go another week at least. Rainy isn't growing, not sure why, need to tapeworm them.

Last night, they broke out. The door doesn't latch well. The kittens raced back into the bathroom, looking guilty. I located Zuli because Nemo gave her away. He was perched atop the coffee table staring down, fascinated. I spotted white beneath it and grabbed her up. I was horrified, in case they still have any active spores. Hence the washing and cleaning spree.

I clean all the time, with vinegar in the mop water, which should kill ringworm, being acid, so I keep on top of things anyhow.

I also flea treated almost every cat here, thanks to a gift from Kay (Thank you Kay).

I cleaned ears and trimmed nails to top things off.

I had one wall in the garage still needing insulation and then covered. I also wanted to get rid of the insulation left, to make more room in the garage, by using it. I had some old floor laminate I got for nothing somewhere once, two boxes. Time to use it and get it gone too, so I covered most of the small area I'd just insulated with those laminate boards.

The shelf in the laundry room had detached and I had to get rid of that old particle board thing. I got a couple pieces of the plastic coated wire shelving at the habitat store, cut the pieces to fit with my dollar store hacksaw and installed them in the laundry room. They look great and work far better than that falling down particle board shelf that used to be there.

So I got a lot down and never left the house once today.

My finger stopped bleeding. My fingers are currently a mess from various injuries.

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