Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Five Cats Fixed Today

Five Cats were fixed today, three boys and two girls. Four of the cats are from the same Albany location. All four are feral---two big huge males, a female, and one little kitten. The fifth cat is another from the seed warehouse south of Corvallis. This one is the sister of one I got fixed a few weeks ago, who now lives in Albany. Neither of the girls, both tortis, were born at the warehouse. They were born to a warehouse cat one of the workers took home, as a kitten, then never got fixed.

Here's the Feed store cat, from the seed warehouse below.

And below are photos of the four Albany cats fixed today.Only female of the four fixed from Albany today and the mom of the kitten. Both were fixed today.
Momma's boy. And guess who daddy might be? (from photos below)
However, this is again the kitten.

This is the cat one man calls "Old Dirty Bastard", in a playful way, if I got the nickname straight, that is.
Baby, a big tabby on white long hair male, fixed today.

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