Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Five Cats Fixed Today

Five cats were fixed today, courtesy of Poppa Inc. Three were from Albany and two were from Lebanon. Two were girls and three were boys.

This adult manx female, Tuesday, has had many litters. Now this Albany female is fixed.
Tofuy, tabby on white male kitten from Albany fixed today.
Bully, a black on white male kitten, fixed today from Albany.
This black male hails from Lebanon and was fixed today.
This calico from Lebanon was also fixed today.

While the cats were being fixed, I went to Keni's to pick up my carrier. She has had it since the woman who took in the Stayton trailer park sick kitten took her from me in my carrier. Later she took the carrier to Keni's and I had not been able to connect to pick it up until today. Cassie, the trailer park kitten, found in Aumsville on cemetery road, fortunately before the tornado hit there, is doing just fine.

She asked me to take photos of the Lebanon attic cat colony kittens, about to be fixed, for the website of the adoption group she works with. They had been fostered by someone at a trailer park for Keni, by someone there she'd helped with cats. Then they had to come back and they were sick, so they had to get over colds before they could be fixed. There were 8 kittens I took up when Keni offered, from the Attic Cat Lebanon colony. Six of those 8 are females. Three of them were just bottle babes. Like Tiny, a slightly ugly bottle babe (see photo I took of her just after rescue, below).

Now look at her photo taken today:

Then there was the kitten they called Possum, below, a photo I took when I took her in, and immediately up to Portland:
And here she is now:

This is a huge cat rescued in Vernonia. Keni is keeping him. He is huge. She named him Vernon. He's also a gentle giant.

Nickel, the declawed starving male found in the Stayton trailer park, still ravenously consuming any food put in front of him, but doing very very well.
Another of the Attic Cat Lebanon bottle babe girls, now grown into a big kitten, to be spayed tomorrow. This girl is so super tame she wants to be in your arms constantly. She's a lover!

This is Charlie, one of the three Attic Cat kitten boys.

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