Monday, December 20, 2010

More Fallout from Paper Mill Closure

Click the post title to read about the Millersburg store closing. I liked that store. I liked stopping in there, on my way or way back from wherever. The employees were friendly and the store had a neighborly charm to it.

Guess it had to close after the paper mill got closed. I think the paper mill got bought so the company who bought it could close it. That's just my feeling. I don't really know. The store business was mostly mill employees.

I get nervous sometimes if I think about how bad the Oregon economy is. On 60 Minutes last night one segment interviewed governors and somebody in government in Illinois. He called their state the dead beat state because those owed by the state for services rendered often don't get paid for a long long time.

Another lady whistle blew on 60 Minutes last night a warning on the municipal and state bond market, that it is going to crash within a year and to watch out.

However, the companies that rate securities say the municipal and state bonds are just fine as investments and perfectly sound. They're the same ratings companies who grade A rated those crappy bundled mortgages so I don't believe a word they say.

Most of the segment was governors talking about public employee unions and pensions being outrageous and what to do about it. They interviewed that NJ governor, who is trying to get on top of their deficit.

I get nervous to think about it, hearing the bad news all over the world. I think about how hard my brothers struggle to find and keep work now. Then I think about how resilient humans have been in our evolement. We'll make it through.

We're living in on the edge financial times. Save your money, is all I can say, and hope for the best.

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