Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Forest's Future

Tonight Forest has blue on the inside of her rectum. I thought "I wonder if it's getting no blood, like twisted off somewhere." But, when I searched that symptom online the only suggestion that came up was prolapsed rectum, which is likely what I'm seeing, but it is only slight.

The number one cause for that in kittens is straining due to parasites.

Back to square one. She isn't eating now she is so bloated out. She still has no temperature.

I don't why if it is parasites the normal strongid and droncit aren't killing the worms.

I've also been giving her catlax and butter because I could feel a massive amount of stool in her, even through all that fluid buildup. Last night, she pooped out like a little log! I mean it was huge, for a kitten and I think there's lots more where that came from.

I keep wondering if she's terribly backed up, from eating so much so fast all the time.

She is returning to the vet tomorrow. She was going today but I way overslept.

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