Sunday, December 12, 2010

Date Night with the TSA

I want to go flying in the USA
So I can be frisked by the TSA
I want a big bulky ripped Mr. TSA guy
To say, "Step aside, Ma'am, because before you can fly
I gotta frisk you. Yeah. I got feel you up and down."
My heart begins to flutter. My heart begins to pound.
TSA man in blue is looking mighty fine.
But just as ecstasy is near and I'm stepping out of line,
A hulk, 350 pounds, and hair pulled back so tight
pulling latex gloves on over knuckles fat and white
Shoves my guy aside, smiles, says "Women frisk you gals"
I'm getting a frisk job by the TSA that would make a tom cat yowl.

Date Night with the TSA. Life will never be the same.
My dreams have all but died, and now I take the train.

by me

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