Sunday, December 05, 2010

Brother Visit Wonderful

It was wonderful to see my brother. We worked methodically to fix things today. I was so glad to get the dryer going again, and to resolve the safety issue with the bathroom fixture. I was unaware of the safety issue with the electrical line in the garage that runs to the outside backyard outlet that has never functioned. That too could have turned deadly.

Today, we both had decided the movie last night was not so bad.

Stinod's adoption is going to be put off a week or two as the adoptors have a house guest. That's just fine. Someone is coming tomorrow to see Nemo, however. I hope he doesn't behave like a wild boy. He's a completely tame cat, but I don't get many people in here for them to get used to.

The cats loved my brother. He has animal magnitism, that's for sure. Even Buffy came close to admire him and look him over.

I told him, they would really love it if he sprawled out on the couch and went to sleep. Then they could feel free to sniff him over, check him out, crawl all over him and investigate completely with him out asleep. They love that. New blood in the house. Fresh meat.

He still plans on taking Sam and at least one other, but isn't ready, wants to install a cat door, set up a cat room, all that. I tried to talk him into, once ready, taking a boy gang, and suggested Nemo, if he isn't taken tomorrow, along with Sage's three black boys--Simba, Smolder and Shaggy. Shaggy is super tame and would make a great house cat for someone but I don't seem to have anybody knocking down the doors here to adopt.

My brother could not believe the lack of smell in the house, that would usually be present with a lot of cats. Nobody ever can believe how clean it is in here, with so many cats roaming around.

He helped me out by carting off, when he left, the old heavy pieces of particle board that used to be the garage shelves that almost fell and crushed me. That prompted me to knock them apart the very next day. I've used a couple of their 2x4 supports already for other projects and kept the four remaining six foot 2x4's. But I didn't want that crumbling moisture filled heavy particle board. I was going to let it disintegrate on the long compost pile, but he took all of it.

He also hauled off the carpet piece that those neighbors left in my driveway when they moved. They thought I'd use it for cat climbs, but it was in a bizarre shape and scented from their garage.

When he drove in, on Columbus, he had seen one of the arson fire houses. Then, last night, there was another arson fire, right on Pacific. We drove by that to gawk. That's a strange busy place for an arson fire, I'd think, right on Pacific.

Wonder if someone is doing these fires, ten or eleven now, that would not necessarily look out of place in the night. I'm talking police officer, security guard, delivery driver, newspaper carrier, disgruntled wildland firefighter or ex fireman, somebody like that.

Cops, newspaper carriers, some delivery drivers, they're all out in the middle of the night. There are probably others out in the night too, as part of their jobs. Hmmmm. I wonder if they're set at a time in the night or early morning right after a shift ends, like a swing shift, or right after bars close, and people are leaving bars, or employees are leaving bars, something like that.

Since most of the places that have burned are sort of unsightly, being empty, some unkept, I still wonder if its somebody angry that properties aren't kept to their standards. Maybe someone in the chamber of commerce? Or with economic development? Or could it be someone is getting paid off by property owners with a cut of the insurance? I have no clue.

I think the cops should stake out that bar down on Davidson, or maybe on Salem Road, just north of town on Salem Rd., or that one on Main near the 7-11, because maybe someone is leaving one of those bars, and setting fires. I say those two because a lot of the fires have been on Front and Water streets and now on Pacific up that end of town.

Then you have to ask: is this string of fires really the work of a disturbed firebug, or, is someone setting them to cover up the significance of one of the fires, like the one on July 4? What if someone set one fire to cover a crime, like embezzlement or insurance fraud, and is setting the others to take the heat off that likelihood?

Something had to have been caught on some video cam at a store or private residence around the area of one of these fires. Come on! Lots of people and stores have video cams now. There's got to be clues on video around town.

(If I could catch the arsonist, get a photo, figure it out--there is a $5000! reward. That is a lot of mula and would buy a lot of cat food, or pay to fix over 100 cats).

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