Saturday, December 04, 2010

Yawning Movie with my Brother

My brother stopped up this evening and took me to a movie in Corvallis. The clerk selling tickets recommended it over another one. The other one was Unstoppable. I can't recall the name of the one we saw. The movie clerk said it was great and that Unstoppable was very boring.

I fell asleep several times during the course of this very slowly evolving movie, the name of which I cannot remember. Russell Crow was in it.

He was flabby and half shaven during the entire course and looked like a middle aged slob, sort of like I felt.

I have no guilt over snoozing through a good share of this film. It was, if you must know, about a man and wife in love, have a son, she's suddenly arrested for murdering her boss, convicted, thrown in jail for the next 20.

When attempts for an appeal fail, she attempts suicide. He decides to break her out of jail. He needs money and a plan. He reads books to get the plan and visits a guy who wrote a book about his experiences escaping seven times from prison. He gets advice from him also. Finally, to get the money he needs, he follows some druggees to their abode and ends up killing them. But he gets a shitload of cash.

The rest of the movie involves the cops closing in, while he executes the escape plan, with an at first reluctant wife. All ends happily with them setting up housekeeping in Venezuala while the cops think they've gone to Haiti.

I woke up for the ending.

My brother said, "That ticket clerk is probably laughing. She probably gets paid for each sucker she sends to this." Long and drawn out, very slow plot development. I could not have stayed awake for it either, had I rented it. In fact, I would have gotten an even longer nap.

He's here to do repairs on the house but went back to Eugene for the night because his daughter lives there.

My quest for shoes that fit continues. I have been using the Zappos e certficate a complete stranger sent to me. I can't even grasp a complete stranger sending me something so significant.

The first pair of shoes were 11's and were far far too big. There were so nice looking, though, I admired them for some time. The second pair were New Balance 11 narrow and too short! But so fine. I hated to send them back. The last pair I ordered were even nicer--Columbia Sportwear size 12. But they are so big on my feet. I know I have to send them back also. They didn't come in size narrow, just normal width. I don't want to send them back because they're so beautiful. But I have to send them back, wait for the credit to register, about ten days, then I can try again.

The shoe size varies so much by brand or even style. Seems an impossible endeavor to find any super narrow shoes that are also long enough. There are very few brands that even make long women's shoes and even fewer that come in size narrow. I don't know that I will be able to find any that fit. I've all but given up on that hope, but I do get to see and try on some very beautifully made shoes.

I believe I will need to make my own shoes. It is a very good thing I like going barefoot and only need shoes if I go out somewhere. Around here, even outside, though it is winter and cold, I wear flip flops or go barefoot. I don't like wearing shoes very much. Shoes hurt my feet.

UPDATE on HOUSE REPAIRS: Got the front outside outlet repaired. There was no power to it. My brother wired it to a working inside outlet. We got something for the dryer vent and got it fixed. We got a new light fixture for the bathroom. The other one kept burning out bulbs. The reason was obvious, once the fixture was off. The thing was dangerous, wires dangerously corroded, bubbled metal on the backside of the fixture and charred insulation. Was a fire hazard and good thing we replaced it.

As for the outside outlet out back, that too could have been a disaster, as somewhere in the wall above that outlet there is a short in the line. There is power in the main line that runs along the top of the garage rafters, then down into the wall, but now power at the plug, which means bad things. So my brother cut that line in the garage and capped it off safely and some day when he's back, will run another line through that wall to the outlet to supply it with power. But at least a potentially dangerous short inside a wall is dead now. That was probably a close one.

So, the new bathroom light fixture is awesome. The dryer vent is working. The two other major electrical issues are resolved, too, so I can live safely here. I knew there were some major electrical issues and worried about the bathroom fixture because it burned out bulbs constantly. I don't know have to worry now, with the two major electrical safety issues resolved. We're getting a used part for the stove. There's no sense to scrap a working stove because one elment doesn't work, even though it may be difficult to find a part for an ancient stove.

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