Monday, December 06, 2010

Boarding Up Vacant Houses to Thwart Arsonist. What about the animals?

Albany is very publicly boarding up vacant houses. Today they listed the vacant houses they boarded up, like perhaps there is more to the story. Who sends out a public list of targets? (besides Wikileaks that is).

Ah, Wikileaks. The latest round of leaks has me changing tune on truth, because the publicized included a list of high value targets that could take down the world as we know it if hit by terrorists. But no mind, Wikileaks published them.

Just like Wikileaks, the Albany paper listed five or six vacant highly likely arson targets today, by address, after city workers boarded them up. These places have absentee owners or are bank owned.

What I think about is the animals that may have been inadvertantly boarded up, trapped, inside. That makes me nuts.

Feral cats, stray cats, even house cats, scared by a loud crew of people arriving, might not vacate or even show themselves as they are blocked into the place that once seemed a refuge.

And not just cats will be caught in these living hells, but other wild animals, like raccoons and possums.

Maybe you think "Great. Good Riddance." Maybe you don't like cats, possums or raccoons, but is starving them to death, and depriving them of water to kill them, by boarding them into these wrecks of former human homes, humane? It certainly is not.

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