Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Six Cats Fixed Today

Six cats were fixed today, courtesy of Poppa Inc. funds. Five of the six were boys. Four were from Albany. Another was from the Looney Lane crowd. The other two kittens from there, who still need fixed, were not quite up to weight yet. Their mom was fixed last week. Then, the last unfixed cat of the Tangent 9, a cute orange tabby tux male kitten named Oliver, was fixed also today.
Albany 10th street young blue male, fixed today.
Ziggy again.
Albany black female, Missy, fixed today.
Sammy, an adult Albany male, and a crypt orchid, with one non descended testicle, was fixed today.Scooter, a black tux kitten, from same household as Missy and Sammy, was fixed today.
The Looney Lane black tux kitten, neutered today.
And this is Oliver, the Tangent kitten, the last of nine cats fixed from that household.

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