Monday, November 01, 2010

Two Lebanon Females Fixed Today

I took up two Lebanon females to be fixed today. This came as a result of contacting them off craigslist. They were advertising kittens.

They were going to let me take up the three remaining kittens tomorrow to be fixed, but, despite them being ten weeks old, turns out they weigh only a pound and a quarter.

I have a home for Peko and Nemo. They were supposed to leave today. But then I saw both have goopy poo. It's probably just wet food or something, but I told the adoptor about it, and offered to bring them to her, after they have been on metro a week and she wanted that. Really nice woman. Lives down near Florence. So, when I take them, I get to see the ocean. What a great excuse to have a day away.

I will miss those two but am very happy I have this home for them, where they will remain together. Someone contacted me also interested in Sage, but they also asked if she is declawed, causing me fear that she intends to declaw her. I told her I don't adopt to anyone who declaws and the reasons why. Am awaiting further response, if I get any.

The two tinies in the bathroom are leaving in a couple of weeks to go to the gorge group afterall. I'll miss them, too.

The two females fixed today were one all black young girl and one black and white female. Both had had litters.

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