Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Cat Stats for October: 44 Cats Fixed

In October, 2010, I took in 44 cats to be fixed, using funds from Poppa Inc.

There were 21 feral cats in the mix and 23 tame cats.

There were 19 males and 25 females.

All 44 were from Linn County.

Of these 44, 12 came from within Albany city limits and another 8 were within Lebanon city limits. The rest were "rural". Most of these labeled rural came from just outside Albany city limits. There were several more fixed from the combo colonies on Scravel Hill.

Four males were fixed from Riverside Dr. in an ongoing clean up of a situation caused by a tenant who left behind an unfixed female.

Another cat was fixed from the big Attic Cats Colony outside Lebanon.

A feral female just outside city limits on Cloverdale, who had had multiple litters, found herself in a live trap and was spayed, too. Bet she's very happy to be relieved of motherhood after so many litters she was run into the ground, physically.

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