Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tiny Tim's One Year Anniversary

This was one of Black Pearls' kittens. I named her Shimmer. Who do you think her daddy might have been? Shimmer now lives in Salem with a family of four.

It was one year ago, Tiny Tim and I flew down to Huntington Beach, to his new home, with Kate and Ned. Tiny Tim was the cat who came flopping up the sidewalk in the dark, as I sat in the dark along 4th street in downtown Albany, again trapping strays fed at that location.

The couple had called me again. A pregnant female had showed up. They fed her. She had kittens under their house. I took in Black Pearl and her three kittens. I crawled around under that house after them.

Meesa, had had her first litter, and only one survived, a black tux male, whom I caught. He was fixed and returned. But when trapping unsuccessfully for Meesa, I spotted something bizarre coming up the sidewalk, almost rolling, more like flopping. It was Tiny Tim. I could not believe it. I caught him. I didn't think he'd turn out tame. But Tim was more than tame. Tim was wonderful.

Tim's bad leg, with a knee long shattered from a dog attack, was amputated. On Halloween, I was at the airport bright and early, after barely sleeping that night, and caught a flight to Huntington Beach.

My goodness what a beautiful city. What wonderful people Kate and Ned turned out to be in person. Previously, I'd only chatted with Kate online. But I felt like I already knew her.

We took a quick trip to the beach. It was just like Baywatch.

Three hours later, I was on another plane headed to Seattle. After a wait there, I boarded another plane to Portland. After retrieving my car, I also stopped in Wilsonville because the woman who had taken in Black Pearl and her kittens to foster, couldn't handle them anymore, after Black Pearl went to a home in WA state then was quickly returned. So back home they came with me too. I was so tired by then.

Tiny Tim's story ended happily, like I wish every cat's story could, who comes through my door. It is so rare to find such a home with such kind people. But, click that post title to go to Kate's blog and take a look at Tiny Tim now.

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