Sunday, November 28, 2010

Three Cats Fixed Friday

Scraggles, the Lebanon kitten, fixed last Friday.
The seed worker's beautiful girl kitty, fixed last Friday.
And the absolutely gorgeous Albany male Andy, fixed last Friday.

I took up three cats to be fixed on Friday. I housed one man's cat overnight the night before surgery too, since he leaves for work so early. He works at a seed warehouse south of Corvallis where I got 27 cats fixed last winter.

There were more then, but the owner said, after I caught 27, worried about paying for the surgeries, "You're done."

He finally paid about a third of the cost for the surgeries. 20 of the 27 were females. He had thought there might be ten cats in all.

Now, because not all were fixed, more have bred there, the worker told me. I tried to get a different worker, a really nice guy, to get the owner to agree to trap them for the FCCO clinic, but that didn't go over either.

Oh well. Had to try!

Anyhow, the girl fixed Friday is very sweet. She is the offspring of another cat from the warehouse who was brought home by another worker, and then bred, producing this cat and more.

I hope to get that mother cat, originally from the warehouse, also fixed.

Then there was the beautiful Andy, a young male, from Albany, also fixed Friday.

And last but not least, Scraggles from the Lebanon situation, the latest, the little ringworm boy, who seems over it, was fixed. My scales weighed him in at 2.23 lbs, but the vet's scales showed him at 2.03 lbs. Our scales are two oz different. I think mine are right, because they're postal scales for weighing letters! You can't be two oounces off if weighing a letter to know what postage to apply. It could be a bad scale! But the clinic calibrates and checks theirs by weighing a small bag of cat food. I reminded them the weight of the bag is not included, only the weight of the food inside is declared, or supposed to be. That's why I think my scales are right!

While waiting on the cats to be fixed, I entertained myself for awhile watching squirrels in the parking lot of a local park up there.

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