Monday, November 29, 2010

Stayton Trailer Park Siamese, Samantha, Caught!!!

The prolific Stayton trailer park Siamese, Samantha, has been caught, effectively ending her prolificity. If prolificity is a new word, I claim it as my invention. Sarah Palin, back off. This one's mine.

There is one more prolific Siamese to catch there. Her ovaries need the power button turned off, also.

I am really proud of that one park resident. I guess the two kittens I took out of there, to a Portland fosterer, friend of Poppa Inc's president, are doing good. They are now named Bunny and Lileth.

Today, six cats are getting fixed. Some are leftovers and finishers. I got the final 28th street female fixed today. I took in the last female from Looney Lane, although there are still three kittens there who need fixed. I took in the last two from a HEatherdale trailer (two males were fixed a couple weeks ago), and then the other two are from a family in Abany, who rescued both as tiny kittens.

Tomorrow, there may be quite a few going in. There may be four females from a Knox Butte family, who found one female in a box with her kittens along a road. There may be also seven Tangent cats from one household going in. The young woman there rescues cats she encounters in trouble, but needs help getting them fixed. Then Samantha the Siamese is getting fixed, too.

Be a good couple of days for cats in this area. Lots getting fixed. Most are females, too.

Below are photos of five, of the six cats fixed today.

Geary street boy and girl, fixed today.

The last of six adults fixed for this household in Albany. This is a girl.
One of two girls fixed today from Heatherdale Trailer Park.
Second Heatherdale female fixed today.

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