Sunday, November 28, 2010


I get another call on the ad. She claims she wants a free cat but wants to be sure it is a cat with claws. I ask if they have other pets because I hear dogs barking in the background.

She claims she's leaving the dog with "him" and is moving out today and needs a cat today. I say "That is a terribly chaotic time, to be moving, and taking in a cat on the same day. Why don't you contact me when you'e settled?" She insisted, she needed a cat today.

This is a scary call to a cat rescuer. The fact she wanted a cat with claws, as number one consideration, is a red flag. Nobody gets a cat the day they are moving. That would be so traumatic on the cat. She was on her computer, phone was connected, and she's moving today? I finally hung up.

Maybe she's legit and will contact me later on. You never know. But I won't adopt a cat to someone if they are moving, the same day.

Makes me scared to adopt out anymore. Makes me want to hermit away, shutter the windows, arm myself. Makes me scared for the cats and dogs and what they're in for, at their new "home".

She'll find a cat today somewhere.

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