Monday, November 29, 2010

Lost the 4th Caller on my Ad

I should have known. If somebody calls interested in a cat, jump on it, or they call somebody who does.

The 4th and final call I received on my four day ad occurred last night. I was tired, to be blunt, and having stomach issues (relief finally, and a need to stay near a bathroom). I was in no mood or capacity for visitors. That's why I asked they look over my website, figure out which cat might interest them and call today.

They did not call or e-mail today.

Darn it all.

The third caller actually wanted a kitten. I only have three kittens, who still have a few patches of ringworm.

So anyhow, that's the story on my ad and the calls. Not much luck. Depressing, yes, very much. But, I never give up.

I'm very happy to have rounded up six cats to take up to be fixed today. I'm very very happy the Stayton trailer park woman caught not only Samantha the Siamese, but also Samantha's mom, who looks just like her, who also will be fixed tomorrow. That should end a great deal of suffering in that park.

Samantha's very first litter all died. She was a teen and left them up in the insulation of a trailer, just left them.

Her second litter, five beauitful little Siamese kittens, were killed, all in one night. They were killed horribly. A resident found them the next morning. Their bodies were savaged and all five had had their heads bitten off. This was a raccoon attack, according to the resident. I would have guessed dogs.

Samantha no longer will have to worry about being knocked up or her kittens dying in very terrible ways. Neither will her mother.

Because of the brutality of life for all life forms, in that trailer park, YAY! Am so glad these last two will now be fixed. And if Poppa Inc. were not around, this could not happen. This makes about 20 cats fixed there or so I think.

Poppa Inc. money has prevented so much suffering far and wide for cats. Thank you Poppa Inc.

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