Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mosque the Wanna Be Killer Attended Sporadically Torched

Someone set fire to the Corvallis Mosque the wannabe mass killer, arrested in Portland, attended sporadically. Guess he wasn't that good of a Muslim actually, according to the Mosque leader, whatever they are called, because he didn't often attend prayers. Click post title to go to story.

The fire was small because it was spotted by a patrolling cop and quickly doused.

The Corvallis Fire Department said it was intentionally set.

I'm not hot on any religions. Almost all religions discriminate against women. Islam is one of the worst in its treatment of women but there are plenty of others who discriminate terribly, like Mormons, Catholics, you name it.

I don't know even know how religions in our country get nonprofit status since they discriminate.

But, burning a church down, because someone went there now and then, who later decided his life ambition was to kill lots of people, is really stretching out the blame to distant points.

If we practised such vengefulness, churches drunk drivers attended would be routinely burned as would those attended by child molesters and spousal beaters and thieves and unpopular public figures.

It's ridiculous.

Would this kid ever have been able to create a bomb and destroy lives without the "aid" of the FBI? I don't know.

From what I've read, he wasn't much of a Muslim, but may have used that excuse to exhibit his violence and unhappiness. You don't want to kill massive numbers of people without some righteous excuse to lean on, I suppose, if you have some way to "blame" your inadequacies on something else and turn it into a righteous cause in your own head.

I read about him dressing in a white robe and red turban for his jihad video. That is comical, like he was an attention seeker, wanted to be seen as some super hero figure and his chosen path for doing so was to become a mass murderer.

He is a dangerous man, dangerous like those Columbine teens, dangerous like anyone who decides to take life. Those who plot extreme destruction for any reason need kept locked away from our world.

What about our military, our government, other governments, enacting wars that kill and mangle so many innocents? The Koreas are at it again. Are they collectively of the same class?

Countries must defend themselves against threats. But countries rarely limit now, use of military force to eliminate threats to invasion or aggression.

These questions are difficult to sort out--the rights and wrongs of when killing is ok, if you claim religion. The bible says it never is, right there in the Ten Commandments. But that particular commandment is not very popular unless you are talking about a fetus.

I'd have to classify myself as a hawk. I would have no qualms about taking up arms to protect myself or family, if I had one, or my country. Helping cats in this area has only made me understand how most people care only about themselves and some go far beyond that to actively prey on others. We live in a world of sharks and predatory humans. We are nasty.

I think the entire world should drop this whole pretense of religion. We are an extremely vicious and violent species.

That kid wanted to showcase his violence spectacularly. Glad he got caught. Good on the FBI. The kid one day would have found another way, had the FBI not set him up, to inflict his ego on the bodies of innocent people.

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