Monday, November 22, 2010

Photos of the Nine Females--Six Fixed Yesterday, Three Today.

Below are photos of the six females fixed yesterday from the barn just outside Albany. Today, another female was fixed from there. I was also contacted by the Stayton trailer park woman again about two kittens, desperate, and threatened by a neighbor there. I appealed to Poppa Inc's president, asking for advice. She has a friend willing to foster them.

So, after a bad night of sleep, I headed up very early so I could pick them up on the way to Wilsonville with the final barn girl. They are a very pretty Lynx Pt. Siamese female and her sister, a brown tabby tux. I stayed up there while the three girls were being fixed, to save on gas. Snow was predicted for today but none showed, just heavy rain.

This evening, I returned the seven females to the barn lady.

I also heard from Tamara. She was able to get the 17 females fixed today, that the FCCO could not do, of the 71 she and her group brought up from Coos County, to the Corvallis FCCO clinic yesterday. She got all 17 done today at the Eugene WAG clinic. YAY!

The rural Albany barn brown tabby tame female, spayed today.
Brown tabby on white female, from the barn, fixed at the FCCO clinic yesterday.
Another rural barn female, fixed yesterday.
Black barn female fixed yesterday at the FCCO clinic.
Black tabby tux barn female fixed at the FCCO clinic.
One of the two white females from the barn, fixed yesterday.
One of two white females, fixed yesterday.A terrible photo of the Stayton brown tabby tux kitten, fixed today, and then taken immediately into foster.
Also a bad photo of the beautiful Lynx Pt. Siamese kitten, from the Stayton trailer park, spayed today, then who went with her sister into foster.

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