Monday, November 22, 2010

It's Snowing

Snow just began to fall, in a freezing wind whipped sparse flurry. Nothing substantial so far.

It's so cold though, if there's moisture coming down, will likely be snow.

Guess there were 10 or more crashes on the Santiam Pass, people not equipped for snow and ice, combined with people speeding, of course.

They've closed it to traffic now, I hear.

I feel bad for the strays out there, even the owned cats not allowed inside and given no shelter from the cold.

I'm in a brittle mood. I'm tired out mainly, stomach hurting. Netflix is upping their prices so I am cancelling. Can't say I'll miss it much. I have not rented a movie I would call "marginally good" for quite some time. They're upping their prices for DVD rentals while lowering their prices for unlimited streaming to TV or computer. I don't watch movies on my computer because it's in a teensy room with an uncomfortable falling apart chair, and my PC overheats now quickly. It's starting to fail.

I don't have a streaming device for the TV. So I'll cancel netflix. Without a credit card, Redbox is out for me, too. Oh well.

I stayed up too late Saturday night, after trapping the barn cats, hoping to catch that church ditch kitten. He's not going to make it long if I don't catch him. Now, this darn weather, makes me all tight in the stomach to think of him out there.

I slept a couple hours Sunday afternoon, after returning from the clinic for awhile, then fell asleep at about 9:00 on my couch, only to awaken at about 3:00 a.m. and be unable to get back to sleep last night.

Now the Stayton trapping again. Helping the old woman who failed to catch the third kitten today. She said tonight that the trap was soggy. I wonder why she didn't cover it better, with a tarp then. There is nowhere to trap over there out of the rain. I used to have a couple of trap boxes, as covers in bad weather, but they were heavy to load and unload and carry, and eventually fell apart. I need to figure out something. I have only a few traps right now and most are severely beat up. But she called me, the old woman, at 8:30. I'd just fallen asleep on my couch. I really need to be in bed right now, so off I go.

I wonder how much snow there might be on the ground tomorrow morning. I hope to sleep in for once!

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