Sunday, November 21, 2010

98 Cats Fixed Today at Corvallis FCCO clinic

In the end, today in Corvallis, 98 cats were fixed at the FCCO clinic. 72 had come up from Coos County, with Tamara, formerly of Albany and her new S/Nipped nonprofit that is putting together a Humane Alliance low cost spay neuter clinic in North Bend.

17 of those Coos County cats did not get fixed, however, because the volunteer vets ran out of steam and time to do them. So, of the 115 cats who were brought to the clinic to be fixed, 98 were fixed.

I felt bad for Tamara and her two volunteers. That is a lot of work to round up that many cats and transport them so far to be fixed, only to have 17 not make it through. I hope she can find a way to get them fixed. She is extremely dedicated.

I had reservations for five cats but took in six from a rural location just outside Albany. There are barn cats. The old woman used to take in cats whose owners could not care for them, to live in and be fed in her barn. She brought in two that the former owners claimed to be fixed. However, they were not and reproduced. There used to be a lot more cats at her barn, but they have been killed by various predators, the most common she sees: foxes. She had foxes on her front porch even.

All six of the cats I trapped in her barn turned out to be girls. Then, I'd seen another one I didn't catch peeking from the far end of the barn. This evening, she put that cat, also a female she took in from someone, into a carrier. She had not seen the cat in quite some time. I'll try to get her fixed tomorrow or the next day.

I went back to see if I could catch the Siamese church kitten. I did not see the kitten, but I saw the animal I saw last night. It's not as big as I thought and I'm still not sure what it is. I smelled it first, from clear across the road. It was a skunklike smell but not quite like a skunk. I saw it run and thought at first it was a possum, then it turned and stood on its back legs, sniffing the air. It looks sort of like a ferret, but I'm not sure it is a ferret. It's in the weasel family and that spells trouble for kittens. Anything in the weasel family is a vicious hunter and can kill animals several times their weight.

It could be a dumped ferret. I pulled the trap, not wanting it in there, but maybe I should trap the thing, to have a closer look. It's probably somebodies dumped ferret. Darn people anyhows.

98 cats fixed prevents a whole lot of suffering.

Kudos to the FCCO and to the OSU pre vet med club and shelter club for their hard work to put it together, to the volunteers, especially the vets and techs, too, and to all us out there trying hard to stop the suffering caused by overpopulation.

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