Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Not 30!

So I go up to that Lebanon situation. I've gotten seven fixed already from there. I was told there were 30 more, and, right before I leave, I am told they already have the rest contained in a garage.

I arrive, not one cat is contained. The young woman helping is furious. She has a crying toddler on her hip and an anxious to help ten year old in the car. The middle aged woman comes out of the fifth wheeler upset and apologetic for LYING! Actually it was her husband who lied to the young woman helping and told her they were all contained.

The ones already fixed plus some kittens literally attack food I put down, especially the kittens, snarling over it, desperate. There are three kittens. Two days ago there were five, the young woman said.

I stuff them in a carrier already fated to the fact I won't bring them back.

I catch seven adults. There are at least two more, I'm told, both males. But there are NOWHERE NEAR 30 MORE! The young woman can't stop apologizing. I get over it quickly because I realize this is a desperately dysfunctional situation and the cats there need fixed. I call the vet clinic and warn them there will not be near the number of cats coming tomorrow I had thought.

There was a dog, barking, on a chain. He has a tiny little chain link area then sleeps under an old bus crammed in junk. My heart went out to that poor dog. I told the young woman to contact Fences for Fido and maybe they'd help the dog, with a fence. I told her I'd also contact them.

The little girl is afraid of him and circles way around the area where his chain might reach. She followed me everywhere chatting, thanking me over and over, excitedly told her mother the kittens were not coming back, that i was taking them away forever, told her "Mom, now I won't have to worry about them anymore."

My heart was quaking to think of taking them in, but the little girls' face was so happy and I couldn't say 'no' to a little kid whose nights are spent worrying about these kittens, living around this couple's fifth wheeler. Her mother is the one who sought out help for these cats, who are not hers, who live up there, with the couple they have befriended.

So I have seven in my car, who will be fixed, and the three kittens. And I have the female from the Albany family whom I like very much. They are Hispanic and when I go there, she sits me down and feeds me home made tacos and practises her English on me while I practise my Spanish on her. I like that Albany family very much.

And a homeless advocate in Corvallis called to say a man now with an apartment, formerly homeless, got two kittens and she wants to make sure they get fixed. They are already three months old.

So I might be taking them up. I might be taking up the two cats owned by another Lebanon couple also, who need fixed. And the people over at another location are trying to trap the two kittens who need fixed there. So in the end, I might have a full load and I'm not sad at all there were far far less than 30 up at that Lebanon situation. In fact I am very happy about it.

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