Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Cats, Cats Everywhere

I am currently overwhelmed in cat calls.

Four more in Heatherdale need trapped and fixed.

Three on Kennel need trapped, fixed.

Two on Davidson need trapped, fixed.

Last female still, and her five kittens, four of them girls, to be fixed over in Lexington Estates.

Five kittens over on Riverside.

The woman whose mom next door fed "Boots" that poor feral female who had had dozens of litters before I trapped her about three weeks ago, found homes for four of her five kittens, in the very last litter she will ever have, with people she swears will get them fixed themselves. I hope so, but am glad the four got homes. She may keep the fifth, a little short hair silver tabby girl. She definitely will get her fixed if she keeps her.

I've never again been able to get ahold of that woman who briefly took in Zorro, the Siamese Church Ditch kitten. She had wanted me to babysit him while she and her son went to eastern Oregon for four days and brought him back to me in her carrier. Then I never heard from her again. I'd taken in two cats for her to be fixed, a black young male and a black female. She had another female who needed fixed, with kittens. But she doesn't answer her phone now. I left her a message saying I didn't care she never picked up the kitten again, was glad actually, since he was sick, but that I want to get her carrier back to her, and talk about getting that last female and her kittens fixed. No answer, no return call.

30 in Lebanon, and actually, my vet wants a challenge and I am after all 25 or 30 of those today. However, that means I'm bankrupting Poppa Inc., from one irresponsible couple, who got two cats, a male and a female, then sat back for a couple years and watched them breed.

Has to be done, but I need to whore myself out or something, to like blind rich johns, to make up the money to fix all these cats.

Three more rural cats, old woman just called, need fixed. They got the female as a barn cat, seem surprised she now has adult kittens, wanted me to take them, since they took in the kitten who was cute. I asked her, in the name of kindness and because of feline overpopulation, to keep them, if I help get them fixed, and she agreed.

Thank god in heaven.

I don't know where she got my number. Her first question was: "Are you the person who takes in cats?" Someone is handing out my number as "the person who takes in cats". I explained to her I don't take in cats, but can help, when Poppa Inc. has the money, get them fixed.

People out there, donate to Poppa Inc. Play that lottery, win millions and donate a piddling half million of your winnings to Poppa Inc. Bill Gates, do you like cats? By any chance? I love Windows, Mr. Gates. I even love ME and all the Windows versions, if that helps in your decision to donate a million bucks to Poppa Inc. right away. Thank you in advance Mr. Gates.

The only thing holding me back from fixing every cat I can get my hands on is money. Of course, money. I think about the political campaigns that went on, how much they cost each candidate, even the losers, and drool over the good that actually could have come, had that money been spent wisely--on fixing cats.

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