Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Cat Photos

I caught the second Albany kitten this morning, so that situation is now done, I believe, when these two are fixed. I took in to be fixed two mother cats, including these kittens mom, an abandoned teen female, taken in across the street, three stray males, one of whom has now been placed by the woman who feeds them, two male black kittens and now these two teens in all from that one Albany location. Ten in total. I can mark that one off my list, for now at least.

I was told a stray tame pregnant female was found at the above colony, a month or more ago, and then taken in by someone around the corner just after she had kittens, but I believe that female is the one loaned out, with her kittens, as a nurser to the woman over on Calapooia, for two tiny kittens a friend of hers found in her yard on Davidson near Front street. She was fixed last week. The woman who took her in, to help her nurse the bottle babes, found homes for 8 of the 9 kittens from the cats own litter and the bottle babes found elsewhere, and is keeping the 9th.

There are, at least, a lot of nice people helping cats around here, on their own.
These are the kittens from Lebanon 5th Wheel, three of them, I took from there, or they would be dead very shortly.

Lebanon 5th Wheel colony torti Pt. Siamese, to be fixed tomorrow.
A brown tabby and a brown tabby tux, form Lebanon 5th wheel, will also be fixed tomorrow.
The other tabby, young, to be fixed tomorrow.
Gray tabby and black male, to be fixed tomorrow from Lebanon 5th Wheel.
Lebanon 5th Wheel black and white female, to be fixed tomorrow.
One of seven Lebanon 5th Wheel cats to be fixed tomorrow. This blue kitty is a male.
One of two kittens, in Albany, from a feral black and white mother I got fixed during the summer. The mom is now fairly tame. One more kitten, a tabby tux, to catch.
Shaggy, one of Sage's boys, with Echo.
Sage and Zach are buds.
Lily, the church ditch kitten, on the couch.
Lily on the cat tree.
Zorro, the church ditch kitten boy!

Relaxing Sage.

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