Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Alive

One of the church ditch kittens I didn't catch. I saw it tonight. I set a trap, and later, saw the strangest animal. I could not identify the animal. It was long hair adult large cat size, silverish white in color and very very stealthy as it moved off the moment I saw it and vanished into the brush.

It was too small to be a coyote, wrong hair length and movements to be a possum. Color and movement wrong to be a coon.

Could have been a silver fox. I hope that is not the case. Too light colored to be a bobcat. Skunk? Not unless it's a skunk without any black on it.

I'm going with an unknown adult cat, Siamese, or a silver fox. That's my guess. I pulled the trap because kittens are off sleeping by this hour and I don't want to draw in strange predators.

I wish I could have gotten a better look at this animal. Yes, it could have been a coyote pup, but the silverish white very long hair, more like a fox than a coyote, and the long long hair was more like a cat, that maybe the feeders don't know is there. Cats with hair too long for function are the result of us wonderful humans in our infinite wisdom and obsession with sexual manipulations.

Except on Sunday, when we're very righteous and prudish.

I'm going to be really really surprised if I set a trap over there, and come up with an adult silver fox instead of a Siamese kitten. Or a bobcat. Or a mutated coyote with really really short legs and really really long hair. Boy. Hmmmm. I'll have to figure out a plan, just in case. A Plan B.

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