Friday, November 05, 2010

Goodbye Lily

Lily went up to foster with a Poppa Inc. volunteer tonight. She's in great hands. We will miss her here though. I wanted her out of here, before she caught something from those three latest Lebanon kittens or just from one of the adults here.

It was quite the fight to save Lily and Zorro, worth it though. They went from emaciated dehydrated ditch kittens to unbelievably beautiful and loving house kittens, adored by all here and anyone who met them.

My bus driver friend stopped by this afternoon, after I had returned the Corvallis pair of cats, and the Lebanon six. I had cleaned the ears of the two Corvallis cats, who had ear mites, in my bathroom before I returned them. I then took six of the seven adults back to the Lebanon situation. I didn't take the Siamese teen female, who did not come out of surgery well, and has not eaten. I told the folks she was staying here, and may not make it. Actually, she too will head off to Portland into foster, if she does make it.

I hope she is just slow coming out of it because of malnutrition and dehydration.

So then my bus driver friend stopped in with a cup of coffee for me. It tasted wonderful! She fell in love with Lily and I thought she was going to take her home, hoped anyhow, because what a wonderful home that would have been for her. But she said her husband would kill her. She sure wanted her, though.

She is going to pay to have Miss Daisy's mouth taken care of. Miss Daisy is again having pain issues with her mouth.

Then I returned the two Albany kittens and then took Lily up to meet the Poppa volunteer. I was so grateful to her for fostering Lily.

Zorro and Peko are leaving Sunday. I have to prepare myself for Peko's departure. He's been here since mid July, with a few weeks at the home on the coast before he and Machi were returned by their adopter for the one spot of ringworm Peko got by his nose. Subsequently, Machi got a few spots. But both boys got over it quickly and the outbreak was limited to them. Thankfully.

Peko and Zorro have bonded. Nemo is more independent and the woman and her husband absolutely loved Zorro. So the boys go together. Peko likes mothering and big brothering Zorro.

So, at least a few are moving out, but others move in immediately, like the ringworm trio from Lebanon, still in the garage, until Peko and Zorro leave.

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