Friday, November 05, 2010

Fallout from Hanford Continues. Hunt for Radioactive Rabbit

Although Handford nuclear power plant has been closed for a long time, fallout and clean up continue. Click post title to read about the ongoing efforts to capture and kill radioactive animals who drift onto the site and consume radioactive particles, through water or dust.

It isn't just animals. Insects like wasps, knats and flies, coming in contact with radioactive material, becoming radio active, then potentially flying off the Hanford site to radio activate humans has been a problem and ongoing concern.

Yes, the thought of a radio active bunny, reproducing mutant bunnies, is the stuff of science fiction and calls to mind such classic tales as Jimmy Stewarts ten foot tall best buddy talking rabbit, although that rabbit was not a mutant! Animals and humans mutated by radio active exposure are common antagonists in horror movie genres. Local writers---a Hanford horror tale is waiting to be written!

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