Saturday, November 06, 2010

11 Cats Fixed Yesterday and Starly's Death

I got to thinking about why Starly would park on one side of a road, then cross four lanes, or try to. She didn't make it across alive. One reason I can think of is if she had a trap set on the other side somewhere, where there is no parking. I hope that is not the case and there is not a trap set down there with a cat sitting inside it. I would think someone who knew her might know if that is what she was up to, but they might not, too, if she was independently trapping.

There are no logical reasons for her to park, then cross the road where she did at that hour, unless you knew Starly. Starly was a cat trapper and loved animals. She must have either seen an animal hit and wanted to see if it had survived, or, she had a trap set over there. Those are the only two possibilities I can think of.

The second possibility needs checked out. I would guess the first option is more viable, because she must have been in a hurry to cross in the dark, without waiting for a proper opening. That suggests urgency, like she saw a cat or other animal hit by another car and wanted badly to find out if it survived. But then, she was slightly scatter brained, and that makes the second possibility just as likely.

11 cats were fixed yesterday. Five were females and six were males. Seven were from the Lebanon 5th Wheel colony and of those, only two were females. Two were kittens from Albany, both girls. Then, there was a beautiful black long hair male and long hair Lynx Pt. female, from a former homeless vet from Corvallis. Both also had earmites. I cleaned out their ears this morning before returning them.

I have now returned all but the little Lebanon Siamese female, who is terribly skinny, just horribly underweight. She has finally come out of anesthesia, but needs serious food to survive. She's going to Portland, into foster, to get excessive food. If she went back up there like she is, she would die within a week. I already told them she can't go back because she's not going to make it if she does. They love the cats but the cats live in the bushes and grab for food under the trailer but the dog often eats it all first. Then, there are so many, some get very little. It is also the cheapest dry cat food money can buy put out for them, lacks the nutrition young cats need to grow, especially when they get very little of it.

I hope there is not something else wrong with her. Well, guess we'll find out. She is Gimpy's sister, and Gimpy got tested by that Good Samaritan who found her lost last week. So, I'm guessing this little one is also negative.

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