Saturday, November 06, 2010

Football Game Traffic Snarls My Plans

I was headed to Salem this evening, to have dinner with Poppa's pres and her hubby. We were then going to attend the very last night of the Oregon School for the Deaf Huanted House. Also, I was taking them the little Siamese from Lebanon, as Keni was going to foster her. There is already someone in Portland interested in maybe adopting her.

Alas. Stupid football traffic brought freeway traffic to a near standstill and also my plans for the evening.

I do hate the fact the football games obliviate the ability of non fans to go anywhere sometimes due to heavy traffic. It's kind of rude.

Oh well. When I lived in Corvallis, there were some game days I would forget there was a game, and be unable to get back home, due to game day traffic.

Football fans of course see no problem with tying up an entire state's traffic for their obsessions. I thought it was interesting radio show hosts in Portland were outraged over traffic problems caused by President Obama's visit, when he spoke late in a campaign blitz rally for democrats in Portland in the Rose quarter. How right wing self-centered, to consider this delay an issue, but not to consider the routine tie ups from football games endured by many.

We're not all fans, you know.

So the Siamese is still here. She's not doing that great, but is improving I think.

Tomorrow, Peko and Zorro leave. I will miss them very very much.

But it will be great to get two more out of here, with winter's onset, and the cats who generally stuck to the outside, in the cat yard, now coming back inside for the winter.

Lily is gone, too. I hope very much to find the gorgoues and huge Sage a home soon. She has grown so much since coming here. She dwarfs the other cats in sheer length. She's something else.

I spent all morning raking leaves and pulverizing them with the leaf sucker. My leaf sucker is splendid and so much more relevant than a leaf blower. I reduced massive piles of leaves today, to an amount that did not quite fill my yard debris container. Normally by now, I would be buried in leaf piles as tall as my roof.

Not this year! This year, I have a leaf sucker! $5 at a garage sale.

A leaf sucker is the anti thesis to the leaf blower.

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