Saturday, November 06, 2010

More Cat Photos

Zorro, on his last night here. He is sad, missing his sister.
Taken a couple days ago.

Zorror, with Lily, before she left.
Starry. Tomorrow her brother leaves.
Starry is a beautiful torti now.
Peko, on his last night here.
One of two females, from a contact off craigslist, from Lebanon, fixed last Monday.
The other Lebanon female fixed last Monday.
The Corvallis female fixed Thursday, after a referral from a homeless advocate. The owner is a veteran who has been homeless most of the last two decades, but is now in housing.
Corvallis male, Rupert, fixed last Thursday.Tabby tux kitten, from Davidson street, one of two female kittens, fixed last Thursday and the last unfixed cats currently roaming that location.

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