Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Five Cats Fixed Yesterday

Five kittens were fixed yesterday, four boys, all black tuxes, and one calico girl. Keni agreed to foster the four boys and adopt them out through another group up there.

She picked them up yesterday, from the vet. I wanted the man to release the fifth to Keni, so I would not have to drive two more hours up and back to pick up one kitten, but he refused, said he had someone who wanted to adopt her.

It was upsetting to me, all the running back and forth I've done for this one situation, and no mercy ever from all these people who want free door to door service from me, or my situation, or time, or money for gas. None at all. Ten cats fixed for them. Yes, he will tell you they all came from a stray, but if we drop the pretenses, the excuses that protect us from truth, that stray could have been fixed before she had three, I think, litters.

Small things can make a difference to be helpful, like he could have turned over that kitten, who then would have been wormed, vaccinated, tested and adopted out up there, and I would have been saved the gas money to drive up and back again, when exhausted, and all the time involved.

He could have done that tiny thing, in gratitude/respect for all the free help and ten free fixes, but he wouldn't. I was so tired out yesterday, for him to refuse that, when I laid out how I tired I was, that it would save me two hours of driving and the costs involved, it was depressing. I felt so stupid to be helping people, who disrespect me so, and like such a slave.

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