Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miss Daisy Loses Four More Teeth

Miss Daisy went under anethesia today and had four more teeth pulled. This is her second such experience this year alone and the fourth such experience in the last two years. Back in January, she had three pulled.

She has only a handful of teeth left, in fact.

Over the last weeks, she has shown subtle signs of pain--opening and closing her jaw, slight winces, third eyelid partially up at times, sitting stoicly, eyes half closed, like she is enduring something.

So in she went. She had one canine eroded below the gumline and another beside it, same thing. That hurts. My bus driver friend helped cover her costs. And thanks so much to her for that, because I'm running red these days.

She's home and racing around happy right now "under the influence". Wish I was (under the influence that is).

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