Monday, November 08, 2010

Sea Lions on the Oregon Coast Today near Heceta Head And Zuli, from Lebanon 5th Wheel

This is Zuli, the Siamese teen from the Lebanon 5th Wheel colony. She's slowly recovering, and is very sweet. I may have adopted out Peko and Zorro while Lily went to foster in Portland, but at the same time, the three tiny Lebanon kittens with ringworm, plus Zuli, this teen, all from the 5th Wheeler colony, moved in. I gained no loss in numbers. In fact, I gained one.

Wish I'd had time today to actually do something more than drive up the coast, from Florence to Waldport. I stopped at two pull outs to view the ocean, but it was late and gets dark so early. I had no time to walk along the beach or relax.

I picked up the five kittens to be fixed tomorrow when I got back to Albany, at close to 7:00 p.m. The guy is desperate to place many of his cats, most born to an abandoned unfixed female, now fixed. He mentioned some are going to a Monroe man, as barn cats, who didn't want them fixed first. I start worrying immediately.

I can't help it. Barn cats die in this area, especially little kittens. There are just too many cougars, bobcats and coyotes. Then I also think about the Phiomath woman who had over 30 unfixed cats in her apartment and was tryng to get rid of all of them a couple weeks ago. She told me she was giving kittens to a Monroe man, who did not want them fixed.

When I hear two such accounts, that may or may not be the same man, I wonder how many cats he is getting off craigslist and what is becoming of them. I start getting paranoid.

I still remember that Harrisburg woman who told me a friend of her daughters offered to "get rid of all the cats she could get ahold of". She and her boyfriend collected cats to take to a friend of theirs who lived somewhere on Territorial Road and had a retriever/hound kennel and training thing going. He used cats to let his dogs chase, track down and kill. The woman was too scared to talk to police, although I contacted them, to let them know what might be going on. They refused to or couldn't investigate without an eye witness.

Here is a post from:
" #18 02-12-2008
Grizzly Adams


So, how many hounds does one need and is it advisable to have a mixed breed pack? Seems to me that I read years ago, one way of training cougar hounds is to train them on house cats and let them catch the cat occasionally. Any validity to that?
Grizz "

People have no idea the bad things that go on out there, when they give away their cats. There are also the dog fighting rings who throw cats to their dogs.

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