Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Total Exhaustion

Short Tail, from the Scravel colony proper, spayed today.
Short Tail again.
Snowshoe male kitten from the church colony briars taken in by the Looney Lane Lady, whose cats I took in to be fixed today. He'll be fixed when two pounds, which isn't far off. These kittens are chunks!
Me and the orange kitten in the car today up in Wilsonville goofing around.
The church colony orange kitten.

I didn't get to bed until 1:00 a.m., then slept an hour past wake up time, with my alarm ringing, this morning. I had to jump into clothes and be out the door within five minutes once I realized how late it was. I had to be at the Salem clinic with seven cats by 7:30 a.m. and pick up three of those cats on the way.

Nonetheless, I arrived on time and they fixed a male and female, both black, from Looney Lane; a white female from Geary St., two males from Riverside Drive, the feral female, Boots, from off Clover Ridge, and the feral torti from the church colony. I took out her kitten from the trap before leaving her there, and heading with 8 more cats to the Wilsonville clinic.

Fixed at the Wilsonville clinic were Short Tail, a gray female from Scravel Hill colony; four teen from Earl St in Albany; the female teen tabby tux from Attic cats in Lebanon, and two more males from Riverside Dr.

After dropping off those 8, I sat in a parking lot and fed cat milk to the orange kitten. He tamed instantly. I finally drove home. I feared those people wouldn't actually go down and set a trap for any other kittens in this litter this morning like they said they would. They hadn't.

In fact, when I got back at 11:00 the woman was barely up. So I went down to the church colony. Low and behold, there were four more kittens playing down in the ditch. There were two Siamese, another orange and a long hair muted calico. Gosh no!

I trapped two of them, the snowshoe Siamese male and the long hair calico but the other two scrammed down a deep hole in the rocks.

I asked the couple to check the trap I left set in the brush beyond the ditch. You easily could see if it was sprung or not from the road. HOwever, when I got back, from picking up the cats at both clinics, they had checked it twice, and both times had slid down the bank into the ditch and climbed up the other side to check it, scaring anything near and skewing the trap somehow in the process so that the open end stuck out over free air, and did not rest on solid ground. They even said they had tried to reach down in that hole in the rocks, which is actually a very long tunnel and may have another exit, so I can't imagine how scared those kittens are now.

The couple did catch the last two kittens at the Scravel proper colony, where they live, but they had not even asked if I had more appointments, which I don't. I didn't say anything, because I want to get both colonies done and I"m glad they caught them.

But I am exhausted. I then sat down at the church colony, after returning all the cats, trying to find those last two tiny kittens, alone out there, and it's cold. I failed. Just got home. Feel bad I didn't catch them. They want to relocate their torti mother, spayed today, to the Scravel colony, but I am going to insist on releasing her tomorrow in her old haunt to care for her remaining kittens, if the kittens aren't caught by days end.

The Snowshoe boy at least is in a home already. The Looney Lane woman took him, after seeing when I dropped off her two cats. I was glad. I don't want more kittens here, no matter how cute they are. I have way too many here to care for or afford and can't seem to find homes for them.

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