Monday, October 11, 2010

15 Cats in Hand for Tomorrow

This is the female from off Clover Ridge who has had way way too many litters. Finally, finally her reproductive life has come to an end.
Church colony orange kitten huddled against his torti mom inside the trap.

I have 14 reservations for cat fixing at 2 clinics, but ended up with 15 cats.

I will have one Albany tame owned female. I will have a tame owned female (stray actually, dumped at their place), plus a young male from her last litter. These two are from just outside Albany.

I have four tamish males from Riverside Drive. They are the offspring of a female I took in to be fixed the last week of September. That female has had many litters and was left behind by a tenant out there. Current tenants are caring for all these cats, including her latest litter, now about six weeks old.

I have the teen male from the Attic Cat colony.

I have four teens born to a calico out off Knox Butte. She was a stray and disappeared. The couple living in a trailer behind the woman's mom's house have tamed them, although they are slightly shy. They caught all four.

I have a feral female from a road just off Clover Ridge, who has had two litters this summer already and is pregnant again. She has had multiple litters over years, and must be worn out from all that reproducing. A neighbor has trapped and fixed all the offspring so far, except her latest litter, five delightful six week olds, very beautiful kittens the folks are taming up. I caught her in under two hours. They've been after her for two years.

I went up to the Scravel colony to get some traps I left there and decided to try to catch some of the cats still left to catch and caught one of two main females. I caught the elusive "Short Tail", a gray long hair female.

I then went down to the Church colony and spotted a tiny orange kitten in the brush. I set a trap and went back later and had an adult torti. "Oh no," I thought, "now the kitten won't have his mom." But, inside the trap, huddled beside his mother, was the blue eyed orange long hair little boy.

There may be more from her litter, but I don't know. Usually, if there are more kittens that young and mom is in a trap, they'll be huddled around the trap and there were no other kittens around the trap. I told the couple to set their trap in the morning just in case.

So, I have a full load. I had to ask some down town Albany folks who found a stray female to hold off til next trip and some folks who are caring for a stray male they want to adopt, if fixed, to hold off. I was unable to get ahold of the family for whom I've gotten many adults fixed, but who had one female left and two litters of kittens. I hope all is well with them.

I discovered why Sam has started pee marking again. A huge brown tabby male is sneaking into my yard. I'll have to trap him, to settle things down in here again.

Sam's my canary and lets me know.

I have someone who said they'd take Hairy, the big guy, who ended up at Heartland with a right ear tip. I just have to arrange it. It's a great place and a great set up.

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