Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goodbye Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo claims to protect their credit card holders from fraudulent claims and defective products. The vaccines sent by Cal Vet Supply arrived at 70 degrees shipped in silver insulative stuff you can buy at Home Depot in sheets.

I bought some, only thicker, to cut into pieces for vent covers. But Wells Fargo refused to protect me and those useless vaccines, long trashed, I got charged for.

So....it's goodbye to Wells Fargo. I am closing my credit card account and my checking account with them. A person has to take a stand. Those vaccines were obviously defective, arriving warm as they did, and the packing unbelievably lousy.

Wells Fargo protects no one but their own pockets.

And as for that bitch customer service person/owner of Cal Vet, oh my god, she's something else again. In one e-mail she claimed to have insider information from years ago, that vaccines don't really have to be stored at the recommended temeperature. Yeah right.

I can't seem to win. I thought honesty would win out, but it hasn't worked for me. I get deeper into debt and there seems nothing good for me will ever happen. Only the bitches, bastards and the liars and the greedy win out in this world. That's it.

Losing $100 to those worthless vaccines from Cal Vet is a HUGE deal to me. But it's nothing to Wells Fargo. Goodbye assholes.

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