Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three Free Kitten Ads On Craigslist in Last Couple of Hours

Is it any wonder there is an overpopulation problem? These kittens given out unfixed go on to reproduce, wherever they land. On and on the problem goes. I can't keep up anymore. Sometimes I don't want to continue. There is little in it for me, nothing actually, and people are often quite mean even abusive as they are getting free help, like they are entitled to it, to me. It's hard to take day in and day out, to see nothing change.

I sure wanted to change things for the better around this area, for cats. Too bad there isn't a ton of money available to do it. Boy, would sure take off a lot of the stress if there was enough spay neuter money out there, and vehicles to use in transport. '

I have been trying to figure out a way to at least get those 30 in Lebanon fixed. I have no contacts anymore. I had heard the county gave out a cat grant this year. I wasn't sure if it was true and have been trying to find out. All I really know is there might be and if there is, Spay Inc. might be the only one with access to the funds. But I don't even know that for sure. Those folks in Lebanon, the neighbors, are trying to find out too, at least I told them to call Linn County and try to find out if there is a grant out there and if so, who can use the funds, and how do they get in touch with them. I did call Animal control, and left a message for the man who would be overseeing the grant, but I got no return call. Maybe I will tomorrow. Those other people, outside Lebanon, when they contacted Poppa for help, told me they'd contacted Spay Inc. but were told they charge $100 per cat and they could not afford that.

When I think of the massive numbers of miles I drove taking the Scravel cats back and forth to vets along with other cats in the last two weeks, and even in running back and forth up to Scravel Hill, over 1100 miles, I start thinking $100 a cat is pretty fair price so as not to break the backs and cars of those involved. Problem is, very few people would ever pay that kind of money or even a fraction of that. People with that kind of money rarely get in trouble by not fixing their cats. Well, one can dream.

I want so much to be out of here, to be somewhere I might have some human contact, not the contact I get, with, pardon the expression, crazy cat people. By that I mean the people who don't fix their pets, let them reproduce, then want the problem solved by someone else, while they sit on their behinds and the cats caught in the middle of this behavior, how they suffer.

These ads below represent only a fraction of the kittens out there now, in need of homes. I have four other litters I promised to help get fixed, before they are adopted out. It's depressing. I need some fun, some laughter, some recreation. I don't know anybody though. I really really need some normal human contact.

Kittens looking for loving homes! (Albany)

Date: 2010-10-20, 4:21PM PDT
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6 kittens who need good homes!
They are about 5 weeks old. 3 gray and 3 black/white.

(541) 905-6390

Free Kittens

Date: 2010-10-20, 11:39AM PDT
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Two 10 week old kittens free to a good home in the Corvallis/Albany area. Mother has been tested for feline aids and leukemia and has a good bill of health. They are playful and spunky and need a good, loving home. Email me if interested.

Foster Kitties Ready for Forever Homes (Corvallis Area)

Date: 2010-10-20, 3:55PM PDT
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Foster kitties ready for their forever homes! Absolutely adorable 8 week old kittens. 2 strawberry blonde males (one long hair, one short), 1 light gray tiger striped female and 1 dark grey tiger striped male. $10 rehoming fee.

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